Trust the process

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I believe that setting goals are excellent; goals are essential, and the bigger, the better. However, what isn’t talked about enough is how long goals take to be achieved. We’ve heard that the process is more important than the destination; the problem is no one tells you that process could take months, sometimes years.

Trusting the process is a quote we see everywhere; everyone talks about it. Every inspirational page has a graphic that says it. As clich√© as it might sound, it is true, I totally agree with it. I know for a fact that when you learn to trust the process, you won’t be cut up in the comparison web.

We live in such a microwave world that many us expect results like yesterday, even though we haven’t put in as much work or as much time as we should. When we don’t get the results, we want to compare ourselves to people who have been doing that same thing for a longer time than we have.

I want to introduce to you the slow cook season. It’s that season that looks like everything is slowing down. Not so many followers; in fact, you might be losing followers. Not so many clients, no clients at all, literally the season you feel like all odds are stacked against you. You start to wonder how you can compete with someone with 500k followers on Instagram and 6000 clients. I know this quite well because I’ve been there.

In this season, you must put in the work, you stay consistent, even if no one is paying attention yet. Keep working, building, and growing.

This is what I learned. The slow cook season builds your strength; it builds your resilience. Everyone has the slow cook seasons, except the Kardashian’s, maybe, but the slow cook gives you a great meal.

Enjoy the process; trust the process. That’s how you get stronger, after all.

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