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If you follow me on Instagram, which I think you should (plug) you can tell the king of vibe I like. I call myself a life blogger. I wasn’t always creating the kind of content I create now. I realized that the content I put out in the world is an extension of who I am. So, I had to ask myself what type of energy I wanted to put out in the world and what my values were. This has been my guide through content creation.

I create because I want to build a community of people who are authentically who they are, human first, not content creator, not an entrepreneur, not a blogger. People who are not afraid to fail, and who will own up to their failure and not internalize it. My dream for this community is to tell your stories, without watering it down. I do this in hopes that it inspires someone somewhere to do small things in incredible ways.

I believe that small drops make a mighty ocean, and if I can inspire people to do little things like dress their bed, I’m well on my way to inspiring them to go to therapy. I create for people who want to hear not just success stories,  but trying stories and failing stories.

I don’t have all the answers, I mean a lot of times I don’t take my advice lol, but I have been strengthened immensely by my community and I’m just a girl trying to pay it forward.

Stick around, lets be human together.

Boluwatife Adesoye

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  • Sun Child August 4, 2020 at 8:06 am

    I’m excited to be on the journey of being human with you!

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